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Mar 14, 2004
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Still experimenting with various paints, and getting better results. All with Rustoleum.

Metal finish: Both aluminum and chrome require very flat undercoat and VERY light coats. Takes a week (seriously) to dry fully. Do not mask before then. Do NOT use clear overcoat, it'll turn the paint to plain gray. Does not bond to high impact styrene nose cones well. What works is, paint the whole thing with many coats, including the shoulder, cut around the edge of the shoulder with an Xacto, peel off the paint from the shoulder, and give a thin fillet of thin CyA around the edge to seal it.

Metallic colors: Very excellent finish. Do one thin coat, then one thick "wet" coat. A light metal undercoat helps. A second thin/thick coat makes a better result. Clearcoat is recommened and makes the color deeper.

Satin finish, as undercoat: fills extremely well, and you can really heap it on. But even when the surafce is dry, it can run and crack. This is more likely of you paint over it. Let thick satic coat dry 48 hours.