New North Korea's Sunday Missile Test

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The article says:

In addition to launching more quickly, the solid fuel engines on the new missile also boost the power and range of ballistic rockets.

Power, maybe. (They typically have high thrust.) Range? That's pure fiction.
I'm not super familiar with this type of launch(er). How typical is it to hop out of the tube, tip a bit, then initiate main thrust?
The test was a land based test of a submarine-launched ballistic missile (SLBM):

I think the NKs are being clever and may be planning to deploy a solid fueled SLBM as a land-mobile missile, too. I mean, when you have severely limited development funds and ability, why not?

They don't have a sub worth putting it in and their national tech capabilities probably couldn't build one. They'd need to buy one from someone else and that would be problematic for them for political reasons.

North Korea’s New Nuclear Sub Is Wickedly Unsafe
North Korea’s new nuclear-missile subs are rudimentary and unreliable—but Kim Jong Un wants the world to think he’s just crazy enough to use them in an attack

"North Korea’s new sea-launched, nuclear-capable ballistic missile and the submarine that fires it are both technologically backward, unreliable, and wickedly unsafe for the unfortunate souls tasked with operating them."


Maybe we will get lucky and they will blow themselves up. :D
UNFORTUNATELY, they apparently finally got plutonium implosion warheads down and that ain't easy especially since it looks like they're making low mass ones to ride on their low payload capable missiles. See test #5:

Also unfortunately I've recently read somewhere with no technical elaboration given that even small fission weapons can be used effectively as EMP devices whereas I'd previously read that only high X-Ray yield thermonuclear weapons could be used as such, all of this info from the public domain of course.
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