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Feb 2, 2003
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Well, there is another Mr. And Mrs. Team on TRF! Havoc821 and Mrs. Havoc821. Of course you guys already know me but I would like to introduce you guys to Mrs. Havoc821, Shayna! She is my girlfriend that I have been dating for the past 1 year and 10 months! We almost didn’t meet at first. Our freshman year of high school, I had signed up for JROTC as one of my classes but she hadn’t. Her schedule showed that she had dance and she didn’t want that so she got her schedule changed to JROTC instead. We were put in the same company together and also ended up getting an English class together! We didn’t start dating until December 9, 2002, when she asked me to the military ball and a few days later I asked her out. We now are still dating and have had and still having a wonderful relationship together! She finally got around into the hobby of rocketry with me all on her own! I didn’t have to push her any, just take her to a rocket launch! How lucky and rare is that?! Well, I just thought I might introduce you guys to her. We have already built one rocket together, the Quest Icarus painted in our favorite colors, mine blue, hers yellow, now called the Lovebird. Get it? hehehehe Anyways, she is a natural at rocket building and painting! She did great! After all, she did learn from the best! Well, that is all for now, maybe she will chime in sometime soon. :D
Congratulations. It's cool that you share a hobby.

Mrs Hokky isn't too much into rocketry, but she's far enough in to come to launches (including the week long IRW) and build the occasional modroc.
That's great that your girl is into it. Mrs. W has no interest either, although I did take her and my daughter to the launch my son and I usually attend, and she did think it was marginally cool. Oh, and there was the one time she held a rocket so I could get the wraparound decal on it, so I guess in some tangential way I could say she helped with the finishing of a rocket!

Awesome man!!! You're one lucky dude. She sounds like a super awesome girl!

Sounds like the start of something good :)

Good luck
My wife doesn't build rockets....but she has let me build them as much as I want to. I've spent probably 6-8 weekends building on the Delta II project and she was very supportive. Can't beat that.

My wife and son have no interest in rocketry whatsoever but, my daughter likes them.
My wife has never had an interest in rocketry but has always let me "do my thing", as it were :)

Since starting FlisKits, she sees the potential if we all work hard and has become, not only a full supporter, but the hardest worker to make that happen. She does all the minutia needed to keep the company going from folding parachutes to filling those tiny zip lock bags of small parts and does virtually all the kitting.

She also attends all of the shows and many launches, freeing me to fly and socialize and gets *real* upset if she has to miss a show. Just yesterday she commented that she can't wait till spring when the shows (like NARCON) start back up :)

Also, my daughter (Jen) has gotten the bug all of a sudden and has built several rockets and loves to fly them :)

very kewl
yeah, I had my schedule for my freshman year set up for dance class, but one of my friends convinced me to join JROTC with her, so I did, which moved my english class to 4th period (b/c JROTC wasn't offered 4th period) and put JROTC 1st period. If I didn't make that decision, I wouldn't have met Chris and I wouldn't be here typing about it now (that's how I came up with my first quote below, b/c the simpliest decision of changing my schedule led me to my future husband and has change my life dramatically) I remember when I first looked at him. I was talking to some guy behide me about one of my friends, and Chris just comes right in the conversation, saying, "I know her". I remember looking at him and thinking."He's really cute" and " I have to go out with this guy", but the problem was, I already had a boyfriend (who was ignoring me that whole day). There was a car wash Chris and I attended to, and well, we flirted alot. It was GREAT!! I finally got rid of my boyfriend a month later and I really wanted to go out with Chris, but my heart sank when my friend came up to me and told me that Chris liked her. She asked me if she should go out with her, and I remember telling her "You should b/c he's a really great guy" when I wanted to tell her "NO you can't, he's mine!!" A month later, she came up to me and told me that she wanted to break up with him for another guy, and I really wanted to kick her butt b/c the way she was. I was so mad at her for hurting him b/c I knew that he didn't deserve getting hurt by her. Chris and I stopped talking for a while until a day when our English class went to the library to do research papers. I was at my computer for about 15-30 minutes, bored as I was trying to find research on the Great Depression, when I noticed someone standing behide me. I turned around and guess who it was? Chris. I said hi and asked how he was. He ended up sitting down beside me and we talked for what it seemed like forever. All the old feelings I had for him came back to me. We were close friends and we still are, but even closer. The Military Ball was coming up in 2 months, and about everyone had dates, except me. Chris was my first choice, but we weren't talking at the time, so I decided not to, but when we started talking again, I really wanted him to be my date, but I didn't have the courage. I just asked him if he was going, and he said probably not b/c he didn't have a date. well, the weekend went by and that Monday, I told my friend that I wanted to ask him, and she told me to go for it. So, that whole week, I tried and I tried, but I just didn't have the courage. So, finally, that Friday, I had a plan: after TAP class (which is basically homeroom between 2nd and 3rd period), I planned on accidently bumping into him, since his TAP class is right next to mine. So, once the bell rang, I hurried out and tried to make it work, but I was one second late. he was behind me somewhere, so I created a Plan B: act like you're looking for someone and see him and be like "oh hey". So I did that and it worked!!! :D So, we started talking and well, I just blurted it out,"If you decide to go to the Military Ball, Would you go with me?" He turned around and looked at me and was like "really?" and I said "yeah" and he told me he would. I was so excited!!! I couldn't stop smiling all day long. well, the weekend went by and it was Monday again. I was really bored in my History class, so I decided to write Chris a note about my weekend. It was a crazy note, and I was acting myself (I am naturally a crazy, goofy person, just ask Chris yourself, and he'll agree). Anyways, I gave it to him and 3rd period went by. Then when 4th period came, I was sitting at my desk when a note landed at my desk, I looked up and Chris just gave me a smile. I thought, "oh he's just writing me back about his weekend" well, I was reading it and when I got halfway thru it, this line shocked me to death. It said, "I was wondering if you asked me to the Military Ball b/c we're friends or if you liked me, b/c, to be honest, I like you and I was wondering if you would go out with me?" I probably read that line a gazillion times before finishing the letter. I never thought he liked me, and I really liked him a whole lot, but I wasn't ready to have a boyfriend. so, I laid my head on my desk and prayed about it, and God spoke to me through my heart, saying, "Go for it. He's not like your ex-boyfriends. He's different. You'll last a long time with him." so, I wrote him back and said yes to him. I didn't think that when he said a long time, he meant forever. within the years, my love for him has grown, and well, I just fell in love with him. I think I fell in love with him since I first saw him, but didn't see it until we started dating. Sorry so long, but I'm a detailed type of person. If you read this Chris, I LOVE YOU BUNCHES!!!!!!:D :D :D
Even though I'm a sophomore, I still get to say: "Ah, highschool..."

I'm in a country school. All of 700 kids, no decent girls are free. NO VARIETY!!!

Great to hear stories like that though!:D

Sound like a real happy couple!!:)
Wow, nearly two years is a hell of along time when you're 16!
In my humble opinion,

It sounds like God has touched and blessed both of their lives...

welcome Mrs Havoc821 and congratulations you two - sounds like a match made in heaven!

My wife thinks it's cool but I really think she's just glad I have a hobby to keep me out of her hair! :D

Our first love riding our motorcycles - that's our husband/wife thing.
First, I need to say that that may be the longest post of all time on TRF. Way to go.

Second, 2 years is a looooong time. I'm 16 too, and I've been dating my girlfriend for 8 months now. She wants nothing to do with rockets, often times asks "Why do you waste all your money on those things, you should buy a car so you can drive me around" and crap like that.

Hey, I can't complain. She's not high maintenance, so I have some rocket money to play with, even with my small income... I love her and it's understood that rockets are


Ahhhhhhh high school!!!!
Oh, and havoc...I gotta asked her out in a letter? come on man, half the fun is asking out in person to get the full effect ;)

Good ol' fashioned lover boy
I was shy. But yeah, I realtionship has been wonderful! :D Yeah we have had our ups and downs like every couple, but we are always to get back up from our falls and come out even stronger. :D She is such a wonderful girlfriend in so many ways. It is really hard to describe what love is. It is just a feeling inside that you just know. I had that feeling 6 months into our relationship and I just knew she was the one for me. Today, I don't even question the fact that we were meant to be, because I know we are. The thing that is also cool about our relationship is that she is now into rockets! :D SCORE!! All I did was invite her to a rocket launch in Manchester, TN in March earlier this year (at the time, we had only been dating 1 year 3 months) and after seeing the first of my rockets go up, she was hooked! To quote her after the launch of one of my mid power rockets on a G64: "THAT WAS AWESOME!!!!!" It is pretty funny though, on anything D and above she plugs her ears thinking it is going to be loud (she did this just about every flight when she had a J motor go off about 50-100 ft away from her. She was a little shook up after that :p ). I keep telling her that half the experience is the noise but she is to scared. Ahhhhhh, women. ;) I had to use all of my strength to hold her hands down on an F motor flight to prove that it wasn't that loud, but she still thought it was. Getting her on TRF wasn't hard either. One day we were talking and I suggested that she join TRF and post stuff and ask questions and see what she gets. Next day or two she already has a thread going and knows how to do more stuff than me, like the whole quotation thing. I still don't know how to do that and she did that in her 2nd or 3rd post! As a matter of fact, tomorrow we are going rocket shopping for her to get her first rocket to build completely on her own. Including building materials which shows how interested she is in it because it shows she is willing to do this more than once. :D I am going to give a little advice but I want her to learn things all on her own. Yeah, I can sit down and tell her all I know but what good does that do for her. I want her to actually learn because the successful flight is so much more rewarding when you know you did it all by yourself. So what more could I ask for, having a date where half of it is rocket shopping! SCORE AGAIN! :D Thanks for all the comments guys and I hope the best for all of you with (or without) wifes and girlfriends! I LOVE YOU SHAYNA!!!!
Actually, Chris, you were the one who said "That was awesome". After that, I kept imitating you ( But I did think it was awesome ).
And Chris, to use the quote thing, you go to the bottom right corner of the post you want to quote, and there you go. I'm not that big of a blonde. :D who's the blonde now!? j/k, but you are a blonde. Anyways, I don't think 2 years of being together is long when you're 16, especially when you're truly in love! It tokk me longer to realize that I was in love in him, probably 5 months after Chris knew he was in love with me. And I don't regret any moment spent with him.