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Jan 17, 2009
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Just completed one of the Fliskits Mudwasp kits for MicroMax motors. I really like the looks of this model because it has lots of tubes, and fins. So since I'm building a Saturn 1B, and I really like Redstones I decided to try a familiar color scheme. I tried the Rustoleum Lacquer spray paint for the first time, not bad. I reduced the Estes Redstone decals and ended up with a Mudstone or Satwasp.

Nice kit, very neat design.

Very kewl paint scheme :)

Just a note so that you know, the Mudwasp is certainly *not* the best performer in our fleet of micro kits. She's a heavy bird but she do look good in the air.

Certainly a *great* back yard flier!

As Jim mentioned this little beasty is just toooo Heavy as a single motor micro.
I'm going to add booster tubes in the outer tubes so it can be either a 3 motor cluster. Should be a much better performer:) Could be a 7 motor if your really looking for a challange.
I really liked the look of the kit, but thought it was too small. I built an upscale based on BT-55 for 24mm motors, which I call Big Muddy. Flies great on D15 and E9. It's still in primer, but Jim had it in his booth at NARAM last year. I'll get around to painting it "Real Soon Now".