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Jan 17, 2009
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Have you TRF 'old-timers' noticed? Over the past month-n-a-half, we have had (literally) about a hundred new folks join us here on the Mother of All Forums. And what's really really cool about this is that most of these new guys have been posting. Some have been posting a LOT!

To anyone out there that we have missed or overlooked, WELCOME to TRF! Please feel free to jump right in and make comments, discuss your experience, describe your modeling preferences, etc. And don't forget to post pictures!
Likewise. What's even better, be sure and post your location. You'd be surprised how many of your neighbors are rocketeers! It's always fun to find yourself a TRF buddy to go out and fly rockets with. Heck, right here in Tampa alone we've grown. TRF Tampa is alive and well!

I was noticing that as well. We've had a lot of new members since the Rocket Challenge special. I'd say the advertising campaign worked! Anyone know what the hit count is at lately?
Thanks for the warm welcome. I'm a new guy here, but I've been into rocketry for a while....took a little break for a few years from rockets, so I consider myself a BAR.

Over the years, I made a progression from plastic free flight rubber control R/C planes (after college when I had some $$$). Then came marriage and three loveable kids. When the kids started to get old enough we flew rubber powered free flight..still do from time to time...even some indoor stuff with the Tulsa Glue Dobbers (very old club), but the airplanes are a bit tought for small fingers to build. Hence the rockets came along.

We're having a blast! :p

Originally posted by OKTurbo
Thanks for the warm welcome. I'm a new guy here, but I've been into rocketry for a while....took a little break for a few years from rockets, so I consider myself a BAR.

When my oldest son was small we flew some buy and fly stuff and now my younger sons (13 yrs. difference in ages) joined the rocket club at school we did the buy and fly again unitil we saw the rocket challenge on DSC, wow is all we could say we have got to get some of that!!! So we bought some low powered kits to get our feet wet and now were moving into mid power kits and scratch built mid power stuff (we just started an up scale guardian this week) I've been following RTF from the begining and have learned a hell of alot just reading you guys posts. Some of the detail and craftmanship is unbelivabile. This is the best site to hang out and enjoy the people and the sport. DSC might have brought people hear but you guys will keep people excited.

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Originally posted by powderburner
Have you TRF 'old-timers' noticed?

Some have been posting a LOT!

At 58, I qualify as an "Old" new guy ...:)

I also think I might now qualify as "Posting a Lot"

For me the "the Rocket Challenge special" Worked as well as for my wife. Infact we both keep hoping it will air on Discovery again pretty soon.

Had a great welcome when I got here and have gotten a huge amount of information freely shared from folks. Yep, no two ways about it ... TRF ... is the place where rockets happen.

Glad to be here and look forward to the time when some one says to me "Hey old timer, noticed the new growth in the number of folks coming to TRF?"
I am glad that I found my way to TRF. Where else can you sit around and talk rockets all day?:D I haven't found anyone in my area who is into rockets like I am :( so this place is really great for me. I have found a local club but haven't been able to make it to a launch yet. TRF is like AA for rocket addicts. Thank you guys for being an enforcer for my addiction;)
Infact we both keep hoping it will air on Discovery again pretty soon.

You and me both, I missed it the first time around, and am hoping for another chance to see it. 8)
Thanks for the welcome. anyone livin'in So. Cal. who wants to go flyin' or compare collections or whatever, let me know. :p :p
This looked like as good a place as any to make my first post.

My interest in hobby rocketry began in 1970 and has continued since then.

I am currently enjoying the re-issue of many 'classic' models by various companies.

Here's a picture of some 'classic' model which currently grace the top of my bookshelf.
Welcome to TRF! :) You're going to like it here, i promise you.

Nice set of classics. What is the name of that COX rocket on the right? I have one, but have long since forgotten the name of it...
Thank you, I appreciate the welcome.

The COX model is a Nike-Zeus. It was the one COX rocket I wanted the most back in the early 1970's but I couldn't afford $5.00 for it, back then.

Thanks to e-bay, I was able to pick one up 4-5 years ago.

Estes has the mold for it but has decided not to re-issue any of the COX rockets.