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Feb 3, 2022
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Hello everyone, I’m been into Rockets for about 3 years now, and have learned a lot so far… I have my level 2 on a 4” Zephyr , and hope to have my level 3 at the end of month, I will be flying a 4” Goblin.
I live in Edmonton, AB. Canada… we are with Car… Canadian Rocket Association
Feb 26, will be our club launch for High Power Rockets…. In Viking, AB
Yes it was a Great Time..... Fire & Ice is coming up at end of Feb.... Feb 26.... I'm hopping to go for my Level 3 With The 4" Goblin and a J449 CTI motor.
Hope yo see you there maybe.
I also recognize this photo and got my level 2 on the same day at Fire Fall. I went to Fire Fall in 2020 and 2021, both were great events! I will unlikley be able to make Fire and Ice in Feb, but I wish you luck with your level 3 and I look forward to Fire Fall 2022 and the Spring launches!