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Jan 28, 2010
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Hi, I am new to the forum and thought it would be nice to introduce myself and share my somewhat limited experience with low power rockets. As a kid I launched a couple Estes rockets but they always seemed to end up in the top of the largest oak tree in the yard. It was neat to watch the one launch but was pretty anticlimactic when they were stuck up there never to be enjoyed again. As an adult and Dad I am fortunate to be able to not only re-live my childhood but also enjoy some hobbies with my children. I was happy that my parents had saved my original Estes starter launch pad kit. So, I use it and purchased some new rockets for the kids, and of course Mom & Dad needed some too :). I remembered that the rockets that I had when I was a kid went too high for our area and always got lost. So in choosing them for our family program I tried to focus on those that don't go so high. My latest philosophy is to choose ones that don't go high but also are physically the largest and heaviest within an engine class. Usually some of these qualities go together. We then cut big holes in the chutes and have lately been using engines with longer chute discharge delays. These tactics seem to work well and sometimes the rockets fall within 25 feet of the launch pad. So far we have a Big Bertha, an Executioner, a Der Red Max, an Honest John, and a Goblin leftover from when I was a kid. The Executioner has about 9 launches and the Big Bertha 6 or more. Some of the others have not been launched yet. It's lots of fun to have with the kids and not terribly expensive. We just hope for calm days and time to enjoy it. Peter.
Pete... Welcome back to the hobby and welcome to the forum.
Glad you found your way here. Hang out with us for a while and feel free to read, research (also see the 'archive' link at the top of the page), and participate. if you haven't already noticed, everyone here *really* likes pictures. :)

Peter, welcome back to the hobby and welcome to TRF :) You're going to love both!

You realize that you are now a BAR...? (Born Again Rocketeer) and we have a lot of'em here!

You realize that you are now a BAR...? (Born Again Rocketeer)
If you leave the hobby and come back again you'll be a rebar and they will use you to reinforce a concrete wall somewhere. :)

And welcome to TRF, we're glad you joined in the fun!

Sounds like you already have some great kits, but don't forget there are more choices now than in the "olden" days. This fella "flis" that posted just above---he has a whole modroc company that has a LOT of great choices for you and your kids. There are many other small vendors now, and there are some new "big" companies like Quest that also offer good kits at good prices.

And if you don't have big launch fields, you can still squeeze in some launches with micromaxx (MMX) kits. The motors are like 1/4 inch diam and 1 inch long, and the kits for these motors fit in the palm of your hand. Lots of fun!
Greetings from another "ole rocketer"..... just got back into the hobby after a few decades away from it. Wow, how things have improved. Get out there and have some fun. That's my plan :D

Cheers -- Bob
Welcome back, Pete and ApolloMaker Bob. Depending upon when you flew rockets before and how long it has been since then, you may find that things have changed a bit. when I resumed rocketry after a 33 year hiatus, I was like Austin Powers, waking up to a very different world! :D

MarkII (What? It's not the '60s anymore...? :eek: )
This is how you stock up on kits cheap! (at least, 40% off)

Go to this website and print as many coupons as you want
(they're good this week, but this deal will probably repeat in about a month)

They usually have a decent selection of Estes kits, and most HobLobs that I have been in have a better selection of motors than the local hobby shops.
Welcome. You have found a great place for information and help. Check the New Posts often, ask questions, and make certain you have set yourself up so you will receive emails showing responses to links you have participated in. We all help each other
Welcome aboard! Another couple of Estes kits I'd recommend for you: Guardian and SuperNeon. The Guardian is a fairly heavy bird with lots of fins, and has served me well on low flights with B6 engines. Don't let the stock paint scheme intimidate you. The SuperNeon is a tube-finned rocket which is a great performer on B engines as well. Neither one fly well on A8s.

Also, you might consider modifying some of the smaller estes kits (Viking, Yankee, etc) to use the smaller 13mm engines. That keeps them in sight. Otherwise they're easily lost.

All right one more recommendation. Not an Estes kit, so you'll have to order it online, but it's perfect for your situation. The Odd'l Rockets Squatty Body. Flies wonderfully on limited space with A8 engines, plus it's a bit more of a challenge to build. You can get one at
Welcome to the board and it sounds like you are on the right track :) The fliskits Rhino might work for ya :)
It's very cool to share a piece of our youth with our kids!
That's how/why I (and many others) came back.

TRF is an awesome community to be part of!