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Discussion in 'Low Power Rocketry (LPR)' started by trogdor, Feb 24, 2003.

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    Having been involved in model rocketry for the past 25 years (on and off), I've really found it interesting that some ideas get lost and come back (maybe just to me?). I just ran across a couple things in an old Estes 1974 catalogs that you guys might have some comments on...

    Here we have ready to fly rockets from nearly 30 years ago...

    Ducting as a means to avoid wadding usage before the days of fancy new-fangled materials like Nomex or the metal thingies LOC and Aerotech use...


    Centuri had batteries at the pad (air-powered switch!!!)

    Look at the wide selection of delays!!

    And just extra... for whoever just put together a Saturn 1b clone, did you do it for about 11 bucks??? :) ..they're clustered too! and wow I just noticed, did anyone actually try this on four A8-3s??? C32-3... Sounds iffy!

    And finally I found this page to tie together all the images I've ever seen on the crazy odd-rocs the guys older than me remember.. (I just missed these by a few years)

    But look at the haircuts!!! UGH!!!!
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    Why Yes Sir! I can certainly agree, Bell Bottoms are back also:D

    I guess this really does prove that great minds often do think alike. One more thing... Al hadn't invented the internet back then either so all these great to goofy ideas could only be spread by word of mouth or in print:D

    I think its a lot of fun, seeing things we were flying 25 to 30 years ago come back to life as NEW tech. hybrids came to mind as a good example. I think I still have an old flyer from a group out in Arizona, who were flying NO3/Acrylic in 1974 and 75. On board computers (BT-60) size in 1976, and a whole book of electronic telemetry components and sensors from 1978, most of which I have not seen duplicated today. funny how the more things change the more they remain the same:)

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