New LRO photos of Apollo sites!

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They will come up with something but who cares...Why worry what a small group of nutjobs believes? Doesn't matter what kind of evidence you give them, people don't like to see their delusions shattered and will resist it at every turn. It is like the old saying (can't remember who to credit for this),"To those who believe, no proof is necessary. To those who do not, none will suffice."

According to several stories I've read, NASA expects to get better resolution photos in upcoming weeks/months as the LRO imaging hardware is calibrated better -- supposedly these were somewhat-rough "first takes."

When they do, I have two questions:

1) How many of the flags are still standing? (I believe Buzz Aldrin has been quoted as saying he saw the Tranquility Base flag fall over as they took off -- it was certainly whipping pretty good in the exhaust blast in the famous lift-off film clip.) And,

2) Where are Alan Shepard's golf balls?
Thanks for the site. I cant wait to see better resolution :)
I'm waiting for the better pictures, so we can see the Lunar Roving Vehicle tracks.:)
So corn fields are a cover for secret alien portals to the moon, which is why they put crop circles in there?