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New & Like New Sky Angle Classic II Parachutes

A5tr0 An0n

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Sep 29, 2012
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Title almost says it all. Selling both of my b2 Rocketry Sky Angle Parachutes. All the details below.

Both for $55 + shipping ($5) OR:

- A never flown or used 36" Red/White/Orange Sky Angle Classic II parachute. Retails for ~$50 the first $35 + shipping ($3) gets it.

IMG_3509.jpg IMG_1240.jpg IMG_5142.jpg

- Used once 32" Blue/Yellow/Purple/Turquoise Sky Angle Classic II Parachute. Retails for $41.25 the first $25 + shipping ($3) gets it.

IMG_0171.jpg IMG_7989.jpg IMG_9193.jpg

You can find all the specs on the link below.
Here is the original manufacture's webpage:
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