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Sep 9, 2009
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Press Pre-Release!!!!!

Team Ohio Rocket Club is proud to announce that we have a new launch site that will accomodate most fliers needs for the mid-west. This field is 640 acres and is located on Route 41 between Springfield, Ohio & South Charleston, Ohio.
It is our hope that we will be launching in a few weeks as the crops are being removed and we await the final approval from the FAA. I have worked very closely with our contact with the FAA and we have requested a 15,000 waiver. In my discussions with her, she felt that we our request was reasonable one and should be approved by the flight service center.
We will have more information posted on our site within the next few days. The site currently has the old launch site, so please do not let this confuse you. Website is
We will two local vendors to support the fliers.
Please contact me if you have any questions or comments.
[email protected]
Steve Temple
Awesome news Steve... now I'll definitely have to make the trip sometime... I'm itching to fly an M to over 10k sometime in the coming months....
On rather short notice we discovered that we were free and chose to visit this new launch site instead of our friends at MTMA north of Akron. This is a REALLY nice field and we had a great time despite losing one of my favorites and crashing a couple more. This field is a real winner.