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Oct 4, 2003
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Hi everyone,

I am pleased as punch to announce (finally!) the release of my very first rocket kit, a reduced scale Red Max that flies on 13mm engines with streamer recovery and features a Kevlar shock cord and Kevlar head shield as part of the kit. This rocket is a 1:2.33 scale of the original Red Max, and is fun to build and fly, and is idea for small fields. I'm releasing it as a limited edition production run, with each kit being numbered... My first retail kit of my Mini Red Max (#1 of 1500) is currently up on eBay (item #5905489319), and here is a link if interested:

These kits will be available outside eBay soon. More 13mm kits (reduced scale rockets of other classic kits and a few original designs of my own) will be forth coming too down the road!

Retro Rocketry :)
Hey, a subject I know something about! Let me whip out my wallet full of pictures of Randy's spawn.
First, one of it nekkid:
And finally, my unbiased opinion. This is a great small field kit. I flew it on a soccer field right next to the Ohio River and had more than enough room. I plan to hit a local baseball field later this week if the weather holds.
Bill, thanks for sharing your pics and for the kind words on my first kit... I'm glad you liked it! I spent a lot of time getting everything just right... hopefully my second kit will roll off the production line in a faster timeframe.

My apologies to everyone for starting this thread in the wrong section... I guess it might have been better if I posted it in the Vendor's section I'll be more careful next time. Thanks for being patient with me.

Best regards,
Is that how much they are being sold for ? $20.49? How much would shipping be? Sweet kit!!:cool:
Pssst....don't tell anyone....I just ordered 2 kits from the website.:p
I saw that a Goblin is in the works too.....I'll get those as well when they come out.:p
Hi Guys,

I have built a beta test version of this rocket myself. It is being finished and painted as I write this. The build is straightforward, and the instructions are in the classic 'one open page' style. My opinion is that the kit has features that are normally found in much larger, more expensive kits. Despite this, it is not a difficult build, and I look forward to finishing and launching this little 13mm powered beastie.
So...when do you expect the other clones to make it to market?:confused: You offer a great sellection and I'm sure they will sell well.
Hi guys,

Thanks for the interest and show of support!

One tiny thing I'd like to point out is that my Mini Red Max and others to follow are not clones, but rather reduced scale copies. Hopefully I've managed to capture the fun and spirit of the classic originals without duplicating them exactly. My smaller rockets are modified from the originals in size, recovery style and materials used, and also include full-colour instructions.

The idea behind them is to create a line of small rockets that are designed for flying in small fields, like neighbourhood school yards or baseball diamonds, just like when we were kids, without needing to drive away from the city. Bigger isn't aways better. Rockets don't have to fly completely out-of-sight to be fun!

The next release will be a Mini Blue Max kit... just like the Mini Red Max, but with different decals (of course). I'll have it ready to go in about a week or so.

If there are any specific questions, you can contact me directly at: [email protected]

Sorry...I used the word "clone" in a genaric sense. Never the less, I think you are offering great Kits and ideas!
Don and I Just received the mini red max and I must say that this is an exceptional first effort. All the parts are pristine and well packed, the graphics are up there in the area of Custom's and it came with decals. I must say you're going to have your competitors playing catchup quality wise. THANKS FOR THE KIT.

Don and Terri, thanks for the kind words, I appreciate it! I tried to produce the same level of kits I'd like to receive and build, so it really is a labor of love.

Thanks for the support! It means a lot to me, it really does!

Best regards,
The Mini Red Max kits came in today...#'s 13 and 14. I must say the packaging and parts look fanastic! Thank You for the prompt service.

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