new kind of cotton swab

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Jan 17, 2009
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I stumbled across this at the drug store (another great model rocket supply shop... :) )

These cotton swabs have one end pointed and one end flatened. These are *great* for getting glue to the right spot, even with making filets. I've also had success using them to help position and repair decals.

Keep a lookout for them at CVS and the like.

They're called "Multi-Purpose Cotton Cosmetic Applicators" by "Essence of Beauty" (a CVS trademark)

They look very usefull. Must get my hands on some.

I spend a lot more time in the "Women's Cosmetics" section of store than I probably should already!

Now I have to get some of these cotton swaps as well as...more emery boards, cuticle scissors (straight and curves) cuticle files.

Then over to the office supply store for more 110# cardstock, Sharpie pens in colors AND metalics..., straight edges and compass in the drawing section...OH...yea...found a circle centering tool in the drafting supplys...VERY handy!...

Now to the grocery store for baggies, Future floor finish, OH, another great find! Grab-it Dust Mit for "dusting off" your model and the work bench!...don't forget some baby wipes to clean the reloads...

Hmmm...guess I won't have enough cash left to got to the hobby shop!:(
Sandman: You sound like my on my "excursions". :D

Jim: Another handy item I got at a drug store (Wal-Greens) is long cotton swabs like doctors use for taking throat cultures when testing for strep and the like. Think long Q-Tip with cotton on only one end. They didn't have them in stock, but they were happy to order me some and call me when they were in. They were quite cheap and are really handy. I haven't needed to put an extension on one yet (though I doubtless will at some point). They're handy for putting in motor mounts and thrust rings too. Measure off the distance inside the tube you want to go, put a pencil mark on the stick of the swab, put your thumbnail on the mark, put glue on the swab, then just insert the swab until your thumbnail rests against the end of the body tube, and put a ring of glue exactly where you wanted it. Repeat until you have enough. :cool:
I get long wooden stick swabs for cleaning guns at a gunshop. They serve nice double duty for applying adhesives, or wiping up excess. For those of you who shoot, the wood end is great for cleaning bolt faces and under extractors without marring the metal.
annother source, sanding sticks from sally beauty supply