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Jan 18, 2009
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Here's the lastest kit from Odd'l Rockets -

If looks weren't enough, all the Odd'l Rockets kits will try to incorporate something a little different in construction or recovery.

All four kits (so far) are great for small fields, drift on recovery is minimal.

See everything at:
Everything is available - only at
All specs are on the Odd'l Rocket site
It should be available in a day or two from JonRocket!

Squatty Body Logo.gif

Squatty Body Photo.gif
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Everything is available - only at
It should be available in a day or two from JonRocket!

The Squatty Body kit is available right now at!

But, we only have 10 kits in stock, so anyone who wants a Squatty Body kit had better order soon. In fact, it's advisable that each person reading this immediately order two or three of the kits. Order four of the kits (and one Raise! spring) and shipping is free*.

-- Roger

* Offer valid only on shipments to addresses in the US. Valid only on in-stock items. Your mileage may vary. All your base are belong to us. See, Chris. I told you no one ever reads the fine print.
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