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Ordered and received the new Hijacker kit with free 24mm engine adapter. Great top quality kit!!

Also got wadding and 18" nylon chute as part of Back To School promo.

Thanks Mercury!!
I received my two Hijacker kits :cool:. They came with two 24mm motor mounts and a spare 18" chute. Way cool (and maybe I owe Solomon some money, let me know I think I got a couple deals here). Very excited to build these!

Now my 14 year old son (who I build with) is gone for two weeks :(

Don't really want to start without him since this will be our largest builds to date.

Might start the RDR I that I got two weeks ago. Something to do while he is gone.
Thank you – we appreciate your business and your support. We hope you enjoy your new rockets and if you get a chance please send us a photo to add to our gallery.

Also, just a reminder: The “Back to School Special” ends today at 11:59 pm EST give or take a minute.

Thanks again,
Solomon Pena
Mercury Engineering Co., LLC