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May 16, 2016
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Hi everyone,

Okay, so I'm not really new, but it has been a very long while since I've been posting here until yesterday. My old user name used to be "Challenger I" named after my first rocket.

I'm Keith and I'm a married father of 2 boys living in the Montreal, Canada area and I've been flying rockets off & on since 1981. Haven't really done the HPR thing although I have a few kits I haven't built and others that I did build that I've been flying on F's & G's. I've been working as an IBMi/System i/iSeries/AS400 developer since 1997 programming in RPG & COBOL (seriously!).

In 2012, I realized I was never going to have time to build my collection of 160+ rocket kits and the garage was full so I started selling them off on eBay along with a lot of other things that were cluttering up the garage and not being used. Over time, I sold rockets, video games, Amiga & Atari computers, and a variety of other things.

Realizing this might be a good way to make money, I started bringing in stock to sell.

Late in 2014, my focus shifted to rockets almost entirely and while I managed to get rid of my collection of 160 kits, I now have thousands of them filling the warehouse space I had to rent to house it all. I realized that by shipping through USPS out of Champlain, NY, I could keep my prices low enough to compete in the online marketplace.

Why "Taekwondo Rockets"? Rocketry & taekwondo are my two favorite pastimes and I thought it sounded good.

Some of you have already bought from me on eBay or Amazon or both, and I'm extremely grateful. Hope to see more of you at our stores, particularly our web store. Those who have bought from me have probably noticed that there is one thing I have not been selling... motors. Now that I know how to do this legally, we should be receiving our shipment of motors in less than a week's time. EBay's policy prevents me from listing motors, but they will be available through our web store.

It's great to be back on TRF again and maybe I'll get to see some of you at some of the launches!

Have fun and fly safe! :)