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New in box NCR X-Wing. Rare!

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Jan 26, 2011
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Still in the shrink wrap. 20" long, 18" wingspan. For F or G power.

Not entirely sure what it is worth as I haven't seen many.

Shrink wrap has a tear along the top of the box and a small tear on the front.

Let's try best offer for now.

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I plan on selling it here, but if that doesn't work out I'll throw it on eBay.

The NCR Bomarc usually sells for ~$160. Honestly I don't know if the X-Wing is more or less rare.

Either way, I'll entertain offers on it since I don't see myself getting around to building it.
I was interested in buying here, but you seemed to have a secret minimum in mind, rather than best offer for now. And very quick to ebay.
I think every seller has a "secret minimum", can't fault the OP for that. It's part of the dance. But yeah, less than 24 hours here before pulling it to ebay is too short a time IMO. But maybe a good way to lead interested buyers to your listing. Good luck with the sale.
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Wow, sold for $203, that's the highest I recall seeing for this kit.