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Jan 18, 2009
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A new Hobby Town just opened up in Oklahoma City on the North West Side. It looks like a pretty good sized store. They were giving away Exo-shells, or Venus Probe on any purchase! They only had one Aerotech rocket that I saw, and the standard Estes collection. They had a good collection of Estes motors, some Aerotech E30-7 single use, and 2 each of the G64 reloads in 4,7,and 10 second delay. It was just nice to get a hobby store on the North West side, that carries rockets! Hope their selcetion grows! Side note Jim, we need to get them some info on Fliskits, and I pushed to them as they gave out the Estes Kits!

Happy Flying!


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Apr 22, 2009
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Nice work mikeyd! The local Tampa, FL group is actually planning the stages of a rocketry revival. We're hoping to organize a new NAR chapter and start up some grassroots marketing for all of the local hobby shops and vendors to benefit from. I think with the talk of a possible return to the moon and upcoming reports of Mars landers/probes there is certainly a curiosity to market upon. Regarding the hobby shop, one thing is for certain - if the rocketry inventory doesn't move, they won't replenish and may certainly have no interest in carrying future rocket product lines. In this day and age where every online vendor wants an arm and a leg for HAZMAT shipping (composites), the extra buck or two you pay in the hobby shop may actually be worthwhile. Get to know the store manager and make him aware of your interest in rocketry. Most hobby shops are not managed or owned by rocketeers.

Enjoy the new Hobbytown. I know I enjoy *any* hobby shop, rocket products or not.