New High Quality Scans Of The Estes Patriot (0552) Flat Parts (w/ruler)

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OpenRocket Chuck Norris
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Mar 27, 2013
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This not a request for any of the Patriot missile system kits that have been released through the years. This is for the bagged version of the Estes Patriot (0652) kit, not the boxed Estes Citation Series Patriot (KC-3) kit.

Yes, I know that JimZ's site has scans of the instructions, fins, and decals already. However, the scans of the decals are (IMHO) pretty low quality (and it has folds visible if you look for them). The fin scan looks like it's a scan of a photocopy of a fin that was actually broken off of an assembled kit (thus the decal seen in place) as well as not having a ruler included for scale). The instructions look like they were photocopied before they were scanned.

What I'm looking for are new high quality scans (.pdf or .png)(along with a ruler for scale) of the flat parts found in an unassembled kit. This includes the body tube marking guides, and everything else that could be fit flat on a scanner.

Again, I'd prefer .png or .pdf files, as .jpg files tend to create artifacts (blotches of colors) that are not present on the actual decals.