New Guardian.....plans.

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Apr 8, 2004
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So went to the Hobby Lobby sale a few days ago and picked up what they had left....a guardian. Pretty cool design I'll admit but even yet it seems to lack something....heres the list of changes

1. longer bottom BT 15"
2. moded all the fins..they are al little more streamlined...except for the small ones on the bottom which are a lil more "square".
3. Im using my new motor mount technique. with verticle centering "strips"
4. Some transition weight will push this bird a lil higher and adds a bit of stability.

**5. And most important of all I really wanted to launch this thing...real high. Not real sure why but i wanted to beef up the butt a bit....soooo I slapped a G40 in there. Might drop that down to a D or mabey F but hey G sounds good right??? lol :D

Space Cad Pics.
oh yeah with a G40 it sims in at 1390 m
with peak speed around 509 mph.......only about 200 off of Mach...not shabby. :p

I just finished a pair... in time for the forth....

Your plans sound great...

hey nice paint scheme!
are there any quarks in the basics of the roc that you would modify if you did it over again?
Im trying to get the most positive performance out of this one.