New FinCans, NoseCones in glassfibre

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Jun 21, 2004
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I'm new to this forum so I would like to take the opportunity to introduce myself and my new products for rocketry. I spent many years in the frp composites industry and developed new techniques in that time.

Having got into hobby rocketry by accident I decided to bring my knowledge of glassfibre closed mould techniques into use for a range of products that I felt were sorely need. FinCans in 2.6" and 3" were what I was after but they were not available. So, I made the tooling and they are now coming on line.

I couldn't find a decent 2.6" NoseCone so I made one plus 3" and 4". So it grows. For details of a growing product range under the name of Real McCoy have a look at my personal site:

Ray's Rocketry

This has a link to my commercial site which is still in it's early stages but it will be ready when the first products are ready for shipping.
AS you are presumably UK I can give a guess. A 3" standard nosecone, self coloured light grey, will cost in the region of £12-£15. A special gelcoat colour will cost an additional £5.

The lightweight version will cost about the same. bearing in mind that these are precision moulded products that will last for more than one rocket - unlike the flimsy abs plastic moulded jobs - then the price will be reasonable.

As they are moulded using closed mould techniques both the inside and outside are smooth moulded surfaces. In addition there is no seam line to rub out on the nosecone, only the shoulder. This, I believe makes them unique and that's why they are called the 'Real McCoy' because the quality cannot be bettered.

The FinCans are made in complex four piece moulds but the price will be in line with the ACME FinCans, the largest of which is 58mm and costs around £22.

All the products shown on my site are prototypes and until I get costings from a limited production run I cannot give accurate prices. Late July will be the 'launch' date.
Hmmm. I'm wondering about recovery harness attachment really.

With an open end, I might epoxy some all thread into the tip and bolt on a plywood disk and epoxy that into place too.
I will either produce an end closure or I might mould in a threaded boss or nut into the tip. The more complicated the more expensive it gets. I believe that an optional end closure might be the answer.
On the fiberglass cones I have/had I just epoxied in a nice ply bulkhead and that seemed fine.