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Jan 18, 2009
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I was just on the AC supply's website and saw a listing for "New Rockets" -
Here's the address:

I know about the upcoming classic series and had heard about the Mini-Max (Mini Red Max) but I hadn't seen the some of the others. I'm interested in two of the designs. The Cosmic Explorer looks to be a re-vamped Centuri Centurion. The Reflector looks to be a smaller version of the old Centuri Lil' Hustler.

Most kits list available after May. I know, some will say: "I'll believe it when I see it on the shelves!" I just found it interesting.
While you are on the site, check out the prices of the BT-20 and BT-50 plastic nose cones. They're on the "Tech Rocket" page.
Yup, Estes made those announcements at iHobby last year. The question being debated by many is whether these will actually come around or not. I guess we might have an answer alter on this evening after the Tunick/YORF discussion.
I made a Mini Der Red Max about a year and a half ago. Flies awsome on an A3-4T. Built around a BT20. Just reduced the decals in Photoshop and printed on Micro Mark waterslide decal paper. Attached a pic with the full sized Max.

From what Barry Tunick says over on YORF the release has been pushed back until August:rolleyes:
We shall see. There's been a lot of promises but, the proof will be in the pudding.

Personally, I think peoples desire these kits is overshadowing their good sense. People have seemed to forgotten that promises such as these, from Estes, have been made again and again in the past without success. Remember, the 2008 catalog fiasco? Or those kits announced at iHobby for Spring release - that have been further "delayed".

I'll be glad to see new kits, such as these, in stores. But, based on their past history - I'll wait and see.
SUPPOSEDLY 4 of these new kits are already in the 'pipeline'...Can't recall which 4(one is the Crossbow) but it is posted over on YORF...
I was fascinated to read Barry's statement that the Shrox kits got cancelled because of stability issues. I have never heard even a hint of a problem regarding the flyability of any Shrox kit. I think the biggest mistake Estes made in the last several years is not releasing those kits.
Regarding the Shrox kits, as they rights were given over to Estes I personally think it was a strategic business move. Why would you purchase the rights and only then find out that they weren't 'stable'?

I know Shrox is very upset that those designs will never be released and he no longer has the rights to release them himself. I'd hope that Barry would release Shrox from the contract and let those designs come to light in another avenue.