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May 25, 2002
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For those of you not aware of the Old Rockets Yahoo Group, Scott Branche, posted this earlier today:

"Hi All, I am here in Las Vegas at the Hobby Show and I saw some neat items in the Estes Booth! Here are some of the new releases coming out this year;
Scissor Wing Transport re-release,
The Oracle digital video camera rocket (17 seconds of footage per flight),
Astrocam 110 available as rocket and camera only (not a starter set) and
the Eagle E2X boost glider.
Also comming out will be models of some of the X-
prize ships. I will try to post some pictures on the rocketry forum
when I get back next week! Happy Flying!!"
I'm waiting to compare the 2004 release of the Scissor-Wing-Transport with my 1974 original version.
I just received a copy of the 4/5 1974 issue of the Estes MRN..from a friend......

I assume that Estes must have recently introduced this model as there is an ad that says NEW $4.95.. Wonder what the 30th anniversary price will be?

Inside is a 2 page article by then Estes R&D Mgr Bill Simon entitled The Scissor Wing Concept.. which shows the scissor wing with folded wingtips to provide dihedral(something the orginal did not have, so it had poor spiral stability) and also shows a diagram of a scissor/flop wing version....Also a Scissor Wing Design Contest where you can win a $100 merchandise certificate....

I wish they would bring back some of their models like this and the SkyDart as DE powered upscaled models myself....
Wow, Kudos to Estes for comming out with some new stuff that is not just toys!! I wonder how much DVroc will be???

BTW what is Scott Branche's TRF handle??