New Estes Kits for First Quarter 2017

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Jan 18, 2009
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The first three Estes kits of 2017 are now available.

The Nike-X (bring-back/re-issue), Space Twister and Protostar.

Here are some pictures of these new models.

Estes New Kits March 2017 Front.jpg

Estes New Kits March 2017 Back.jpg
I'm thinking that the Protostar looks like it uses the same nosecone as the Sprint XL... If it does, I wonder if it has the same tail cone.... Also, if those decals were scaled up, I could see it being suitable for parting out to create an upscaled BiDent.
It has the same nose cone and tail cone as used on the Sprint XL. The cones used on the tips of the fins are from the Alien Invader.

John Boren
The Protostar looks like my kind of rocket.
That sounds about right. I wonder how much weight is added to nose to counter weight of 3 plastic moldings, nosecones, on fins? But then, with that size motor and that it is rated for 1300 feet there is probably a certain range of additional nose weight which is pretty much, 'eh, whatever', in the motor's opinion.