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Feb 3, 2012
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The Bosch BMP180 baro sensor that we've been using in our altimeters since 2013 has gone End of Life, which is an industry term meaning that you can't get it anymore. So, we've redesigned the Eggtimer TRS board to use a different sensor, the TE/Meas-Spec MS5637 (the same one that's in the Eggtimer Quantum). We've also taken the opportunity to make the pads bigger so they're easier to solder, and put bigger deployment transistors in it. Unfortunately, due to the baro sensor change the software is not compatible with the previous version, but since there's relatively few functional differences it really doesn't matter much. All TRS boards shipped in March of 2017 (i.e. since today!) are the new design, and the web site documentation and pictures have been updated accordingly.

As usual, thanks for your continued support!

Cris Erving, Eggtimer Rocketry

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