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Sep 6, 2004
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Uncle Mikes Rocket Shack


Come Visit Me On The Web At:
Uncle Mikes Rocket Shack On Ebay

Im Mike and I would like to welcome all of you to my new Ebay store. We have only been open a few weeks and Im very encouraged by the sales thus far. I would like to have all of you on the forum talk a cyber walk through my shop. I have a pretty good selection of Semroc & Edmonds items. We also have been selected by WestWayneRockets to be the first to sell their Estes Birdie clone. My Fliskit selection will be increasing soon as I have recently added Jim as a supplier. We will soon be carrying Estes. I will promise you to try and have the cheapest prices of any Ebay Rocket Store. Our selection maybe limited a little while we fill our "shelves" but check out our LOW LOW prices.

To contact us click on the link below
Uncle Mikes Rocket Shack

May your flights always be straight and true
"Uncle" Mike
Hi, Mike, I see you got your store up and running. Very attractive pricing, wish I would have waited for you to get a laser-x. I did not realize you are in Plymouth. I am in Canton right next door. Hope to see you at Jackson if you are going this weekend.

Ooohhh!! 16" launch lugs. MUST HAVE THEM..

So, I did!!

Thanks Uncle Mike!!

I would love to have some Thrustline Kits, however I would feel funny about selling your stuff in my Ebay store in competition with your store LOL! Im working on setting up a dot com. Perhaps when I get that going we can work something out.
Did you go out of the rocket buisness?? I havent seen any scale kits anywhere for a while? You know we live so close, perhaps we could work out some consignment deal for your kits? I will be attending the Sept 11 Memorial launch at MIS speedway with the JMRC bunch. I know Huvars is doing there contest in plainwell,MI just too far to drive MIS is closer. Come on down we can talk some buisness. Or Email me if you want to try and work out something to list up your kits in the store.