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Jan 25, 2009
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Wassup all? Going good? I sure do hope so!

Well - thing's have been going pretty darned good over here. I recently ordered a buncha parts from Fliskits, mainly tubes, fin stock, and nosecones. I designed a couple of rockets to use these parts, of course. The first one is still a secret, and it is really cool. This one, though, I couldn't help myself to share. It's way too cool, if I do say so myself.

I have fallen in love with split-fin designs. Rockets like the BSD Thor, the Velociraptor by BSD, I think, and military-esque (esk) rockets. I love the look that they have. It is just so cool. The weapon-look and the look that's sorta like a dart surpasses coolness by leaps and bounds.

To quench my thirst for said rocket, I designed one. I've based it on the BT-70 (2.217 OD) and the BNC-70AJ (Richter Recker). Of course, it has the split fins! (What, did you think I would say so much cool stuff about them just to design a rocket that doesn't have them? :p) The fins are .125 balsa, and the best part is, it's a CLUSTER! I've used the Fliskits cluster mount kit for two 18mm motors in a BT-70. It should fly to about 125 feet on a pair of A8-3's :eek:, about 470 on a pair of B6-4's, and around 900 on a pair of C6-5's.

From now, I'm just gonna let ya'll decide if you like it by looking at the pix!

This is a 3D Rocksim render. I didn't color it at all - I wasn't sure how I wanted to paint it.

Oh, yeah. This is my deisng for the first available DOM, so don't go stealin' it, OK? Thanx! :)


Speaking of split-fin designs, have you taken a look at Thrustline's Duster? Very sleek.

I've been wondering if the 5:1 ogive cone that Apogee makes for the BT70 would be a good approximation to upscale the Duster to a BT70, 3 x 24mm cluster... :kill:
So thats a 24mm motor mount ? Very nice , very nice indeed! What motor hooks are you using ? The ones designed for D's or E's?
I second that , I would also love to see pic's and a review of the flight :p
Thanks guys. I'm really proud of this design. It has to be my coolest one to date!

Karl - it's actually a 2x18mm cluster. It's big, but lightweight, so it'll go purty high on a pair of so-called "lowly" B's! :p

Cool ! Keep a eye on how much wadding you use! How are you going to finish it ? I'd say for the fins , coat them 3 or 4 times with sanding sealer ( Balsa filler I think it's called over there ) . And just prime the whole rocket matt white :p Man this will look sweet!
Here's one that I've been working on the last week.I just got the timer bay finished last night. That I'll use for chute deployment. You can see the two post up by the nose cone for a brake wire. The chute will deploy out the back by the booster.
I have some new paint on order for this project. The guy at the auto paint supply said I'll be the frist one to get it. The boat tail acts as a retainer for it. And it has some thick G-10 fins .093:D
sweet looking rockets:)
you should put some AT 18mm motors in that rocket;)