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Jan 18, 2009
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Hello all Ive loved this hobby for the past 21 years and Im happy I found this web site. I hope to here from you all and keepem flyin
Welcome to the forum. If you follow these few simple rules... you will get along just fine :D

Post lots of pictures
Say Happy Birthday to your buddies when they have a birthday.
Buy a Deuce's Wild
Drool over Carl Tulanko's building skills

Did I miss anything?

A HUGE welcome to the Rocketry won't find a friendlier bunch of guys here. More importantly, we talk rockets, no politics, and want to see pics of your pride and joy!

Once again, welcome and have a great time!

Thank you for your welcome and here is a pic of me with my first G-powered Rocket but i lost the piece that holds the engine inplace I belive it was called a Gorilla Mount any one know where I can get a replacement part for it?
IIRC the gorilla mount was the metal loop that the elastic cord hooked to. Finding the plastic retainer might be troublesome. I would offer you my plactic cap, but it was destroyed long ago...but the rocket still lives!
Bowhunter, welcome to TRF!

Your experience will most certainly be welcome here, since you've got about 20 years more of it than I do, and probably more experience than about 90% of the members here.

Welcome Bowhunter. You're going to love this forum.
It's almost as addictive as the rockets. :)

Hey there bowhunter! Nice backdrop in that picture you posted. It just looks like we're expecting to see some kind of wildlife to haul butt across the forest with you chasing it with a rocket or something!

WELCOME TO TRF! Feel free to talk about *any* of your rockets! Have fun...
OMG got it bad man!!! Yes, very nice rocket Bowhunter...Make sure you get us some launch pics!

Bowhunter...Welcome to the Forum. It's nice to have another Rocketeer from Illinois here. Keep the posts and the pics coming.

Gee...Bowhunting and Rockets...two of my favorite hobbies:D

I just have to ask . . . do you use one of those infernal compound creations of the devil, or do you shoot a REAL MAN'S bow like a recurve or longbow?
Well yea Powder I do have a compound but i killed my share of deer with a recurve. But I am preparing to start on a new fleet of rockets in witch I just bought property that has two houses on and I have devoted the small one to building and creating my new fleet. Will have more pics soon. The pic that I have posted was taken 2-24-04 in my frount yard. Im planing to go to a launch this week end in MO. put on by the St. Louis Rocketry Association and im gonna bring my camera. are really gonna enjoy this hobby. From the looks of it, you live near a bunch of rocket eating trees. The bow makes for a great rocket retriever and has been used on many an occasion to pull a rocket down from 40+ feet up. I prefer using my Ben Pearson Recurve, as you can adjust the pull for the height...who said you can't mix hobbies/sports???!!! :)

Welcome bowhunter from another avid bowhunter/rocketeer..

Big oak way back over your right shoulder, near the brush there looks like a nice little spot for a hangon if ya can get one around that beast.. heh heh

Check out my when you're bored.. after ya get through all the rockets go to the bottom and click the hunting page link for all the huntin/fishin stuff..

There's a lunch on Mar 6th i'm thinkin about attending at Tripoli Quad Cities. It's in Van Orin IL, anywhere close to that..?
Hey Fireman...Van Orin is only about 2hrs south of me. Unfortunatly I won't be able to attend it, but if something changes in the next week I'll let you know.
Dose estes still make E-cluster Rockets? I had one about 3 years ago. Im just wondering if they still did
hey Bowhunter,
That is quite a picture you have posted on your hunting website! NICE BUCK!!!
(One little tip: shoot your pix BEFORE gutting.)
If you do most of your hunting in Illinois, I am curious as to whether you worry about CWD in the animals you harvest. From what I read, it is now firmly in Wisconsin and spreading. I am not sure I would want to eat an animal that was infected, because I believe it CAN be spread to humans. What do you think?
Originally posted by Bowhunter
Dose estes still make E-cluster Rockets? I had one about 3 years ago. Im just wondering if they still did

No to my knowlege.

FlisKits does, however :D :D

Richter Recker flies on a cluster of D12's or E9's