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Nov 22, 2016
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I realize this is not the proper forum, but until we still don't have access to the vendor area. Moderators feel free to move it! Anyways, we wanted to make sure we got this out to ya'll!!!!

New laser cut, ¼” clustered rings in a variety of sizes
Plymouth, WI, January 15, 2017– Loc/Precision is excited to announce the release of new laser cut clustered centering rings for 5.38” and 7.5” Rocket kits.
In 5.38” sizes we will have:
1x54mm 8x29mm
3x54mm 2x29mm
2x38mm 4x29mm
All will Retail for $10.85 each

Rings for 7.5” Airframes will have available:
1x75mm 4x38mm 4x29mm
1x98mm 8x29mm
5x 54mm 4x 38mm
All will Retail for $14.90 each
“We’ve had a number of customers ask to bring back some of the old retro kits from years ago. This is just 1 step in that direction for those that like the use of multiple motors”
We have had demand for “custom” rings. We thought it would be more beneficial for all to go ahead and create some of the more popular cluster configurations.

Fly Hard, Fly Safe, Fly LOC!!!
Just received mine. Note on invoice says I was first order.:w:

Of course, they disappeared into the black hole that is the USPS for a week. Seriously. From the 21st to the 27th, tracking showed it as "Departed Salt Lake City." But, I have it in time for the weekend!