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Justin Horne

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Jun 23, 2004
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Hi all. Got my camera in the mail this morning.. Yay! So, what's the first thing I take a picture of? the rockets! :) The pictures below are of my Binder Jaguar, which is in the build stage. Its only in fiberglass and primer, so don't say a word about how ugly it looks...:)
Cool, looks good so far. Have any ideas yet as to how your going to paint it? Also, what kind of camera did you get??
Thanks.:)It'll probably be blue and white. Blue for fin can and one payload bay, white for the rest.

It's a Sony Cybershot DSC-P100. 5.1 MP. Really nice camera! :)
Lookin good justin...

Flew mine again this last weekend.. this time an AT I161.. again just a little wobble/coning at motor burnout.. but other than that it has flown nicely on I161, I211, and I285 redlines..
Such a sleek looking bird. I love the Jaguar, and if the fins were a little bigger, I'd love it even more (that would prevent the "Jaguar Spiral" so many of us are seeing). Yours looks fantastic, Justin! What's the first flight motor gonna be?
Im not sure yet... The only motor i've got right now is an H123, and that almost is a waste of the motor, it barely gets it up there....Maybe a low I, I don't know yet. An I161 would work, maybe a redline...:)

Thanks for the comments!:)