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Apr 9, 2011
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Phoenix AZ
My wife and I have been wanting a dog for a while but couldn't get one until now. We both love Yorkies because of my father's dog but wanted something a little different. We looked at everything and was on the fence for one reason or another until we discovered Parti Yorkies. I am pretty knowledgeable about dog breeds but I never knew these little things existed. Anyway, meet Baxter. He is an 8 week old Parti. He is so darn tiny, not even 2 pounds. The first pic is him getting a clean bill of health at the Vet. The second is him riding with me to pic up lunch today. Having a small ankle biter is pretty cool, I can take him anywhere.


How high will he go in that 4 inch tube with a I motor?

Hope things are going well it Tx
So Mr. Baxter is as big as he is ever gonna get at a whopping 5 pounds. He is an ornery little thing, takes after me I guess. Can't express how much fun this little pup is.