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Jan 18, 2009
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Well after looking on ebay at all the high prices for Estes OOP rocket kits:( I thought I'd wonder down to my local hobby shop and cheer myselfup maybe buy a new kit or some more glue or anything:) Needless to say on the rocket rack was of all things an Estes V-2 and not just any V-2, Estes#1952 in the red box . Funny how things work out on ebay I had considered bidding on this very OOP kite right now going on ebay for for $47.77 + shipping. well half kidding I aksed the owner for his best price which ended up being $45.00 tax included.:D So every once in a while I get lucky. It's a great ending to a rather bad day.

Any buiding tips you all might have bringem on.


I too have a Estes #1952 V2 on the build table. Kinda funny how I came by it.

One of the guys I work with became real excited about rocketry when he saw the pictures I have in my office. He started talking about going right to the hobby store and buying a bunch of kits. I told him to calm down, buy only one kit and see if he was really interested in rocketry. Well, he went and bought five kits anyway which included the V2. He came to me a few weeks after purchasing the kits and said he wouldn't have time to build them because he was now interested in R/C park flyer airplanes and wondered if I would take the kits off his hands. I asked him how much he wanted for the lot, he said " Just take them". Gee, what could I say....... included with the V2 there is an Estes Big Daddy, Echostar, Comanche and CC Express.

Hmmm, wonder if he is still interested in the park flyers?