New BT-60 V-2 kit on the way

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Sep 1, 2009
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Now that I'm shipping the V-23 kits out Wednesday I've started on a new a V-2. It's BT-60 based. A little over 14 inches in length and will fly on a D engines.

The difference with this V-2 over the others is the nosecone and boat tail. Both will be cast resin. The cones will have detail. Not just plain. The boat tail will have groves for the fins that will really help speed the build up.

With a little detail added to the body tube by the builder she will have a nice scale look.

I plan to kit it. I also plan on doing some variants off it's base.

In a couple of days I'll post my progress.

Here's a little look at the V-2. The boat tail is slotted and the fins in place with a bit of putty around them to capture the 1/8th root shape exactly. I'll take i all apart tomorrow and get some pictures of just the tail and the slots. This has to dry over night.

This will make attaching the fins a real breeze.

Tomorrow I'll get the nose cone started on the detailing. Also the boat tail. In a few days they will both be molded in RTV silicone.

More tomorrow.



I decided to get my copy of ROTW out and did some quick math and I come up with 13.9" tall on the V-2. One of my favorite subjects, and the White Sands Round -2 done in black and yellow. Not sure about the latest one I'm building it is a 4" diameter version. I took a picture of my ASP BT-60 version painted like #2 in the foreground. This version although done in balsa flys real nice on C11 motors.

Zog that's one nice looking V-2. I like all the details you added.The big one is a kit or you're doing a scratch build?

Thanks for sharing.

A bit more progress today. Got the nose cone sealed off good and primered smooth. I'm ready to add some details. The hint of it. Not too dinged up they look better smooth and shinny I think.

Got the boat tail sealed and the slots made using Evercoat metal glaze. I made up the fins first. Sealed them off. Sprayed some release on the fins and stuck them in grooves I made in the balsa. Then I filled in with the metal glaze, sanded them to shape and removed the fins. They still need more clean up but I should finished them off tomorrow.

This means you cut the tails, detail them, slide them into the slotted fillet and your done. I hope you like the idea.

Here's some pictures of today's progress.





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Looks great Steve. A detailed model of the V2 in this size is a great addition.
Where/when can I preorder a kit? :) I've been wanting a V2 as my first scale project for sure. And a smaller one will be a nice first scale project!
Real neat idea on the boat tail. How do you think it will hold up if the bird comes in fast tail first?
Thanks for the kind words guys. I won't be doing pre-orders but the kits will be ready in a few weeks and you can oreder them by clicking on the link in my signature below.

mjennings, the boat tail and nose cone will be cast resin so they should do fine not unless the chute fails to deploy.

thanks again guys,

Zog that's one nice looking V-2. I like all the details you added.The big one is a kit or you're doing a scratch build?

Thanks for sharing.


Thanks for the compliment on the Lil V-2 #2 , the 4" version is still in the works. Actually it is a MSH kit that I am going to add some more detail to also.
Sounds good Jim keep us up to date on your build!

I'm getting close to casting the nosecone and boat tail which both have some detail to enhance that scale model look. At this size I'm not finding it not very easy as most of the scratch builds and kits I have done over the years have been larger models.

The fillets are nearly all done for you. But in order to get a decent mold and castings they really can't extend to the razors edge. I would get air trapped and a lot of rejects. So I have sanded them rather blunt. The builder cuts the tails and slides them in the slots. Then you add additional putty to finish the fillet. Additionally you will taper and point the TE where it meets the cone.

When I start a build this weekend I'll document in pictures exactly what I'm talking about. It's an easy task.

More tomorrow.



Hi Steve, it's in the details for me. I like exposed panel lines, rivets, screws, and the various other types of fasteners. I also like panels that don't quite fit perfectly as most war hardware isn't perfect. Look at detailed pictures of the V2,the various inspection/access panels do not fit perfectly by any stretch. The metal was not always tight, and it got worse with age. Look at the V2 in the Air & Space in DC.

So if you can bring these types of details in your offerings they will be a huge hit with me. Most scale models of war hardware never look right because they are way to perfect. I would like to see your V2 offering include details, and maybe a few hints of imperfection.

Just my two cents.
I hear you. I'm allowing the irregularities for that very reason.

Go here and take a look at my BK WW2 gun boat. All scratch built and all the dings, dents, welds and flaws are in the mold:

Thanks for the input.

Molds got made today of the nosecone and boat tail. I will be able to build a V-2 next and make the instructions. It won't be long now.



Woohoo! The V-2 is one of my favorites, and this is looking really good! I'm anxiously waiting for this one.
Just openned the molds and they are keepers. I'll run the first parts later today and start building the first for instructions.

Thanks tibadoe,




I gotta say, Steve, you have been a great addition to this forum. Your build threads have been loads of fun to watch and your kit offerings have me pretty excited! Keep up the good work.
Cast the first set parts today. I did get some bubbles so I'll need to use a squirt of compressed air in the mold when first poured to pop them. They appeared around the detailed areas.

I also got a strange malformation in the nosecone access doors. The Styrene somehow must of warped in the molding process. Not sure why as RTV silicone should have no effect on the styrene. However it kind of has that built in a hurry look just like the real thing so I'm going to leave it. If you don't like it you can sand it down some.

Overall I'm pleased. This is a kit that will build in an evening. I'll included some decals to of some of the various markings used and even the mythical ones. Sound good?

Anyway I should be able to release this one next week. I think you'll like the price.



Doing the build now and taking pictures to start the instructions. Pictures soon.

Here's some pictures from the instructions I'm working on as I build her.

You'll see the templates used to cut the fins. But you save them to use for creating the panel lines with a Bic pen once they are finished and primed.

More tomorrow and kits will be available late next week.






Well I worked all day on the build and if I blew my nose I took a pictures of that two for the instructions. For those of you that hate instructions fear not just follow the pretty pictures in full color on the included CD PDF instructions!

I did a quick fillet and red putty prep. Then using Testors Model Masters paints and one of my trusty airbrushes did a quick paint job much like the Germans would have done at the time. Being rushed it really looks the part.

Next to finish the instructions and make up a few kits.

I'll take some better pictures outside tomorrow. These and the camo hide a lot of the details.





These look great! I'll be hitting refresh on the browser to get to order one.
Chuck it will be on my site this weekend with the PayPal button.