New Apogee nylon chutes

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May 8, 2012
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Southern Calif
I just received (2) 24" Apogee chutes. These are similar to the Dynastar chutes and are great replacement chutes for plastic. I have a Lexxjet and a Snarky that I plan on using these with and feel that they are design to be packed in small tubes. They are very lite weight and would work well with a snap swivel for an attachment. The shroud lines are thin, but strong and well sewn.

They are good quality and well made. Nothing wrong with the 32" plastic chutes that the kits come with, unless you catch a thermal and you rocket hangs up and drifts into the next county ....

If you get a chance order a couple. At under $10 it's good value. I had a $10 points reward so I the two chutes shipped along with some Kevlar thread for $20


I've watched this Tim V. apogee talking about chutes maybe 1/2 though video or so