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Jul 1, 2003
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I have a new retailer for my line of Anchor Parachutes.
For builders that do alot of work from the ground up, you will find all you need at BRS Hobbies

Talk to Brian Swanson tell him I sent you.

I have decided to offer some of my parachutes through Brian's shop for the last month or two. You will currently find Anchor Parachutes in 10" and 12" Hemisphere Multi-Paneled chutes in the classic Red White and Blue...

His shipping is lightning fast and packaging is top notch...

A complete selection of kits, components and supplies are located here. Lots of satisfied customers that prove his solid business practices. I ordered some launch equipment from him and the package arrived within 7 days, just like that... nice and smooth.

You will become a customer for life...


Bruce Feaver
Anchor Parachutes