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Feb 6, 2009
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New Rocketry Electroincs @ Commonwealth Displays


How High Did My Rocket Go?

Same as Quest 7820 Unit

The How High SP combines a How High Altimeter and a Battery Board accessory to create a completely self-contained, self-powered instrument!

Perfect for applications where battery power is not available:
• Free-Flight Airplanes
• Rockets
• Falconry

Also great for R/C pilots wanting a portable altimeter to move from plane to plane.

The How High SP has the altimeter permanently* mounted to the battery board - eliminating connectors and wires - forming a compact and light unit.

Size (excluding LED): 0.8 x 1.3 x 0.5 inches (20 x 33 x 12 mm)
Weight (with batteries): 0.25 oz (7.2 grams)
Batteries (Included): CR2016 (2X) Coin Cells
Battery Life: 60 hours (minimum), 5+ year shelf life

Plus it has all the great features of the Version 2 How High Altimeter:
• Reports the peak altitude of your flight
• 1 Foot (1 Meter) resolution
• Reports altitudes up to 7,000 ft. (2150 m) above ground level
• No computer (or any other equipment) required
• User selectable English or metric output
• Works on its own or with the See How Display
• Cycle the power switch off and on or wave your finger over the LED to activate the peak altitude report and simply count the flashes: flash-flash-flash-flash flash-flash flash = 421 feet

See the Commonwealth Site for details and pricing.