New additions to fleet and good low-power kits

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WOW!!! Those are some GORGEOUS looking rockets, Bill! They look like catalog models! Keep it up! I want to see more! :D :D

tell your secret ... how do you get that really shiny silver finish?!??
On the TO-BUILD list: Estes RENEGADE, 3 OUTLANDERS, PATRIOT, Q-modeling WAC-CORPORAL......I robbed some of these kits for the centering rings to build rocket-powered HOTWHEELS, BLURZZ mods, etc. I need to get these parts replaced!!!:confused: :confused: I hope you enjoy these low-power pictures. I hope to get my launch-photo techniques improved!!!!:D :D
Good GRIEF! Don't you have anything else to do with your time, such as, oh... I don't know... EAT... or SLEEP... or WORK... Those must have taken every spare moment all winter to build and finish! They do look incredible though... almost hate to run the risk of one of them being sacrificed to a RET...

Excellent rockets. I am especially impressed with the cruise missle collection.:)
Tell me that you've had most of these done for a while, and you didn't just go on a "building spurt........"


Great job on the Thrustline HJ, Astrobee, and Custom Sam X!

(Not to mention all the others.)

Count me in on the cruise missles, too!
oh my gawd!!!!!!!!!! Bill, those rockets are beautiful!!
We're not worthy!!
Yes, please tell us it's taken you, like, 10 years to finish them.
I'm losing the will to live . . .
Drew Tomko
Absolutely beautiful.
Man, I really need to get off of here and get some painting done. :)

Nice rockets top to bottom!! I just want to know the secret to all of that CHROME!!!! Please tell!;)
It is hard to type with all this drool all over my keyboard.
You are truly a MASTER CRAFTSMAN.
YES please share the Chrome secret.
Inquirering minds want to know.
Wow, I am overwhelmed by your kind comments!:Really all you who have shown pictures are mighty impressive to me. If you liked these, I have more even neater than these. Some misconceptions: only the first TWO Estes kits are new; the rest are 2-3 years old with several flights on them--- they just hold up well!;) My painting techniques always start with KILZ primer followed by sanding with 320 Tri-M-ite paper. Then KRYLON spray paint. Several light coats followed by 2-3 good wet-out coats in LOW HUMIDITY weather. All painting for one color is to be done within 20 minutes. After at least 8 hours, the next color can be masked with low-adhesion painters tape. Two inch wide with only about 1/2" sticky on it. The chrome is the special Krylon Original Chrome. It takes some practice but I have some rockets that are mirror finish and you can almost read in the finish. I think the KILZ primer is an effective base for the Krylon paint. The only drawback to the chrome, it is a "greasy" feeling finish that if you TOUCH, it will tarnish. It also does not MASK well. It has to be the LAST color put on the rocket!:mad: If you TOUCH my CHROME, you will see me look like this:mad: :mad: :mad: Just pick them UP by the regular painted parts.:rolleyes: ;)
Stewart, the conical rocket is the Quest DC-Y SPACE CLIPPER. There was an actual flying prototype built as a new space plane to replace the space shuttle. It was built by McDonnell-Douglas. I have video of the real prototype hovering and it worked! One of the prototypes caught fire on landing and further lack of funding killed the project. The funding was awarded to Lockheed even though their project did not fly! :eek: