Nerdiest thing ever public??

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Feb 21, 2009
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Levy County Florida

Bunny- (Val, my wife, and launcher of all my rocket designs) and I enter the local ABC-anyone over 21- you know the store. Those under 21, in the U.S., act like you don't :D

One of my vice's is 'Fine Cigars', so Bunny picks a good one,and it's in this big fat metal cigar holder, and what would you guess the first thing I do, in the middle of the crawded store is?

ya ready for it?....Held it over my head...And in a loud voice said:
That's right! I'll bet you fellow over the hill super nerds, if not have guessed, have almost guessed...

"Using the power of the Beta Capsule, Hyata becomes, ULTRA MAN!"

OK- I'm out the nerd closet! :D

Just thought I'd share that- don't know why... just did...
Umm... K-Luvyabuh-bye! :)

Ok, I used to do a LARP. Live Action Role Playing game called Nero. No, its not the vampire one, its the "dress up in costumes and beat each other with plumbing supplies in the woods" kind.

Anyways, we decided to go out to dinner. In full costume and cat person makeup. Hey, the stuff takes a half hour to take off and 2-2 1/2 hours to properly apply, including the latex pieces. (I was a tigerman type thing, the rest were all some kind of cat person) Now, the people in town have seen us before, so its no big deal. We even did a parade one year. However, a new Hometown Buffet was having their opening weekend, complete with the guy in the bumblebee suit.

So we walk in, and before we even get to the cashier, the manager sees us and takes us aside. "I'll give you your meals for free if you chase around the bumblebee for a few minutes." So we asked him "Mind if we go all out?" To which he replied "Go for it."

So, we became a Klingon War Party. We chased the bee around for a few, yelling, snarling, growling and screaming, into the back. The guy needed to get out of the suit for a while, and came back out triumphantly with the head, and set it at the foot of our table. Then we proceeded to eat like Klingons. No forks, food flying everywhere. I even strolled up to one table, slammed my fists down on it, and growled out " HOW MUCH FOR THE WOMEN!" At which point my wife, who was in costume, cracked me one in the back with her staff.

Needless to say, the whole place was very entertained.

My nerdiest thing . . . I've launched model rockets in a public park. :D
Hmm... I'd have to say the nerdiest thing I ever did in public was run a demonstration game of Star Trek: The Role Playing Game in the front of a B Dalton Bookseller on a Saturday afternoon. (For those interested in the gory details, we re-created the bar fight from the TOS episode "Trouble With Tribbles".)
My nerdiest thing . . . I've launched model rockets in a public park. :D

That's the fist thing I thought of as well. You know what they say, "Great minds think alike"... or in this case nerdy ones. :roll:
'A picture is worth 1000 words...'


Nietzchean from 'Andromeda'..
Operating a ham radio station from mountaintop inn parking lot with over a dozen directional VHF and microwave antennas. One fellow even showed me a picture of one of my earlier stations!
True story. I was at the park one spring, when I saw a cloud of pollen issue from a tree. It drifted over to another tree, then that tree released pollen. That drifted over to a third tree, and it released pollen. Then I said, "hey, those trees just had a threesome."

No one got it.
Where to begin?
I play the accordion, banjo and bagpipes (professionally), I was drum major of the high school band and fly rockets. (But, not in that order.)

Top that!

That banjo is a chick magnet, you start pickin' and they come runnin'! But they're always missing a front tooth.
let's see launch rockets in public places, LARP there is no better stress relief than whacking some one with foam covered PVC, Right Mystic?! (also creating and running said LARP) We never had that much going out to eat fun but we did regularly have a Dairy Queen Battle afterward most of us in full costume, wearing any of my NASA, rocket science, engineer, airplane shirts in public, getting my wife a "Geek Inside" Maternity shirt, and an "I love my Geek" shirt (she likes and wanted both!). Then there is the Shakespeare Cesar shirt with the knife in the back. And finally going to the LEGO store to buy toys for me!