Neil Armstrong Museum in Wapakoneta, OH robbed

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Mar 14, 2009
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Thieves broke into the museum dedicated to the first man to walk on the moon and stole a rare gold replica of the lunar space module and other artifacts. Three of the 5 inch tall models were made and one was presented to each of the Apollo 11 astronauts during a ceremony in Paris shortly after they returned from the moon. Police think the thieves will melt the model down for its gold.

Let's hope they are not smart enough to have a good fence, and get caught trying to sell these on eBay.
That SERIOUSLY Sucks!!! :mad:

When they catch the thief/thieves, I hope THEY get melted down. :mad:
No security cameras?

They are not saying a lot, but they did say the security system was operational. They think there were several people, but only one entered the building. One bit of good news, they didn't steal the moon rock. The rock is in the center of one of the rooms and would be easy to transport out of the country. Instead, they went for the gold model which was off to one side in a room.