Neighborhood launch C6-5 :)

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Jan 20, 2009
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Tampa, FL
While helping a friend repair his car today I looked around and thought gee, what a nice day for a rocket launch!

Problem is, I live in a typical neighborhood, many trees, rooftops, cars, etc.. everywhere you look.

Not a problem, I have a crappy basic builder Bandit with standard issue broken Estes shock cord. I figured "tumble" recovery would bring her down pretty fast.
I couldn't be bothered with setting up the lunch pad, just stuck a welding rod in the ground in an ant bed with no blast shield. Quickly hooked up the clips to ignitor while ants crawling up the fins. I figured a C6-5 would be perfect for a neighborhood launch :)

She went pretty strait, very high, arched over and poped the NC, (which, incidently wasn't attached to anything). The rocket didn't exactly tumble, but rather came strait down nearly as fast as going up. Landed hard on sidewalk about 6 houses down.
The nose cone was not recovered.

Pic of the new, headless, shorter version of my Bandit:
Wow must be itching to fly some rockets! No worries buddy. Our next meet is on the 20th of this month. Almost time to do a roll call and see who all in the Tampa area is meeting for rockets this month. We're also doing a post-meet BBQ for those interested.