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The Rakety-Planky site has lots of cool stuff!

These all appear to be scanned from Modelar magazine, from Czechoslovakia.

The magazine was a monthly, produced by the state run modeling organization and covered EVERYTHING, i.e. RC, control line, free flight, static models and rocketry. It would show up at NAR HQ, and get forwarded to me. Never learned Czech, but it was fun looking at drawings like this and photos from the FAI rocketry contests held all over Eastern Europe.
Who offered the 4 D sized drawings of a Soyuz back in the day? I can't tell from my copy where this might have come from. It is also in some eastern european language.
I honestly don't remerber. I have a PDF file with plans and drawings of Misc. European Rockets. There are some good dimentioned drawings in it. Too big to post here but PM me if anyone is interested and I'll try to send it.

sorry to bump an old came up while I was searching for Soyuz data...doing an image search turned up a bunch of nice drawing on ninfinger's site and it looks like higher res versions of stantonjtroy's drawing is there too. enjoy
Thanks Rocket Guy.

OMG....its been four years since I started a Cosmodrome Vostok kit and considered the Soyuz conversion.....

Still looking at how to do those darn Soyuz grid (eggcrate) fins, and then got the crazy notion one evening to set up all the outboards for motor mounts for possible future loads. I never should have looked at Boris's build thread.

Maybe I should just keep it simple and get one done.
Once out of the bag it doesn't go back in very easily, and hanger rash is going to do this one in.
Anyone else doing a Soyuz conversion?

Anyone find a scale looking material or grid fins?
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Thanks Rocket Guy.

OMG....its been four years since I started a Cosmodrome Vostok kit and considered the Soyuz conversion.....

LOL I think I still have you took 32 years to get the guts to build by 1/100 Centuri Saturn V :D

I am working on a scratchie for a winter will be more of a semi scale. I found 1/52 scale can get close with tubes, and it should be light enough to fly on a single 24mm motor (probably a reload E) is what I have so far...

I am still working out some of the internal details, centering rings, etc.



View attachment Soyuz_A2_SclModel.PDF
bumping this old thread...saw this on nasaspaceflight about a new Russian book on the R-7

there are links in that thread to purchase...and some pics of the highly detailed drawings in the book...right off the bat I see detail on those linkages that connect the boosters...I have never seen a view of them other than installed on the rocket already. I am tempted to buy this, but I don't understand Russian!!!