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Aug 12, 2016
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I'm new the the forums.
so hi.
I've been teaching myself rocket science/math for about a year now.

I'm currently trying to design a liquid bi propellant rocket.
I have made a 250lbf engine running off LOX and kerosene, and I think I'm ready to put it on a vehicle.
I know open rocket is used primarily for model rockets powered by solid fuel boosters. But it's flight simulator would've very useful so I could get a better idea on how it would fly.
My current calculations show that the rocket would have 1.6km/s delta V.
So it's pretty important to know how it will behave as the atmosphere gets thinner, as well as how fast it will be going and how much heat it will experience on its way down.

open rocket doesn't have the capability to do what I need it to.
But I can't find any plugins anywhere.
if anyone can link me to some plugins that would help, or have some they developed it would be very helpful.
Or any recommendation for other (free) software
Thank you.


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Mar 18, 2009
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First, welcome.

Second, the motor file could likely be developed with Rocksim engine editor including shift in Cg

Third, I do not know of any hobby simulator or plugin to one that will do heat modeling.


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Jan 30, 2016
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No offense intended, but pushing mach five w/ liquid biprop having lox does a bunch of things:
- requires cryo GSE
- constrains your possible launch locations
- requires a fair bit of CFD ( both compressible & non flows )
- requires a fair bit of materials analysis
- requires a fair bit of thermal analysis
- makes the open forum not the best place for the experimental motor side of the discussion

Certainly OR/RA, Finsim, etc. could contribute to the documentation needed to get such a flight authorized ( which I would love to see ), but the specialty analyses live in textbooks, whitepapers, and dedicated software packages as opposed to plugins.

Hope that helps, and good luck!


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Jan 20, 2009
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Any rocket simulation program allows you to design a custom .eng or .rse file that contains the information on your engine so you do not need any special plug-ins.

Your bigger problems will be find a place to launch a liquid fueled rocket, and to obtain a FAA waiver for the launch. The difficulties and hazards associated with cryogenic liquid rocket propellants are about 2 orders of magnitude higher than that of an equivalent solid motor. Furthermore neither TRA or NAR allow liquids, so you can not obtain launch insurance from them, and almost any landowner will require you to have liability insurance in case of an accident before he give you permission to launch from his property, and liability insurance is a primary requirement to obtain a launch permit conducted on federal, state and municipal land. Once you have the permission of a landowner to hold your launch, you then need to obtain written waiver from the FAA before you can launch your rocket. It will be either a Class 2 or Class 3 rocket waiver depending on the weight of the rocket and the altitude you plan to attain. Most likely you will have to do a splash analysis on where the rocket may crash if the flight does not go as planned, and perform a hazard analysis to determine the probability that the accident might injure or kill someone if the flight goes bad.

Good Luck.

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