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Jan 18, 2009
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I'm looking to clone the Estes Yellow Jacket. But as is the case with the newer kits the instructions don't say type of nose cone it is. Although I have the measurements from Jim Z I want to be sure I get the correct cone. It has a BT-50 and the NC is 4 1/16" long.What would be the correct cone to get? Thanx.

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The yellow jacket uses the PNC-50YR - the same cone that comes in the Monarch, Nova Payloader, or probably the PNC-50 Nose Cone set (you'll probably get 2 or 3). My recommendation is to buy a Nova Payloader for the cone. Then, you've got a clear BT-50 to clone an X-Ray with as well! (hey, I really like the old X-Ray; thought I'd get in a plug!)

This valuable info can be found in the Nose Cone Reference that John Brohm put together. You can download it from the YORs site:

It lists most rockets, past and present by body tube size and catalog number. Very handy!

Thank you Greg, I think that list will prove to be very handy.;) :)

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