Need sims for PML Endeavor

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Jan 18, 2009
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Could someone run a a few sims for me on a PML Endeavor, quantum tube version, weighing in at roughly 90 ounces minus motor. I need altitude, and delay times
Here's the motors I need sims on,


Thanks a bunch!!
You are looking at around 10 sec delays on most of those motors.
Not sure about the H268.
Factor in launch conditions on the CTI motor and adjust delay accordingly.
I flew my Endeavour on an I366 with a medium delay. Awesome flight.
Yes, it´s all around 10 seconds delay. The I285 4 grain is 11 seconds. Altitude is 2600 to 3100 ft...


BTW, you can download wRasp for free and it does a decent job of simming available kits for altitude and delay recommendations. Just adjust the weight to your actual weight. Go to

Also, did you know about the PML Motor Recommendations chart available at ? Although your weight is a a bit over stock, this page will give you side-by-side comparisons of how your rocket will perform with different motors. The sims provided are based upon optimal flying conditions and the as-designed weights, so are all very optimistic, and IMHO the listed delays are usually a bit too long. To find out what the as-designed weight is, the Kit Specs chart will provide that information. For comparison, though, I flew my Endeavor which weighs about 120 oz. two weeks ago on a K550 and it went to 7305' which is higher than the list sim altitude. I guess something about optimal mass for that motor came into play there. :D

HTH, --Lance.
Thanks for all the input!! I just wanted to make sure I didn't need to order some delay kits along with the motors.

I've chosen the I211 for it's maiden flight. Mainly because I'm a White Lightening fan. I don't know when, or where that will take place, but I can't wait.