Need Scrath build plans or ideas !

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Apr 28, 2004
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Hi, I am new to scratch building Does anybody have any plans for that would use thin walled PVC pipe or carboard mailing tube that would fit a 54mm motor? This motor would be on the level of a "G" size.


I don't know of any 54mm G size motors.
G motors run in the 24mm to 29mm range.
as for plans? Check out Jim Zs website and upscale something from there. Or if your into scale rockets check out Peter Always "Rockets Of The World" and scale to fit your desired size.
The Launch Pad has several plan packs in the Mid Power range.
So many different ways to go.
You can get alot of ideas from reading old threads on this forum and when you get an idea and have any specific questions we are glad to help.
I am currently scratch building a Nike Hercules and am posting the build in the Mid Power forum here under "need Herc ideas"
The 54mm motor will be a "G" power only due to the fact it is a home built ANCP motor.
How long is the 54mm Motor? I fly sugar motors and my 54 mm motors span from K to M. Also - I would recommend flying some commercial stuff before you jump right into EX. And if you get involved with your local club there are a bunch of guy willing to help - and in the process you made some great buddies. Can't beat that deal!