Need HELP with making a rocket!


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Sep 29, 2011
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Howard, NY
You'd think that there's enough information there to Google it for myself "vgeby fpv camera", but I'm coming up empty. I went to and searched, and I still can't find it. Would you post the manufacturer's model number? That should enable us over here to find it for ourselves.

In any case, from what I can see and guess, I bet it's overcomplicated and too expensive. It seems, if I'm guessing right, to be meant for transmitting live from a quad copter or the like back to the controller so that the pilot can operate the vehicle from an on board PoV. For a rocket, that's unnecessary, as you won't be doing any piloting, it will probably move very quickly out of range of your receiver unless you've got a good directional antenna, and then you wouldn't be able to keep the antenna pointed fast enough for a sufficient quality data link for video.

What you'll be doing with video is one of two things. Either:
  1. You'll be recording during the flight and watching later, or
  2. You'll be doing a ground-breaking R&D project that gets the whole community excited and really impressed in the space of less than a year on a student budget.
For option 1, it looks like this camera is overkill, if what I've deduced about it is right. Overkill in at least one respect, and I don't know if it's adequate in another, since I can't tell if it has any on-board recording.

For option 2, I don't know, maybe it would be a good choice, but I don't think that's really worth talking about.


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Jul 29, 2021
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Poway, CA
I agree. Something more like a GoPro or 808 keychain camera would be better, but given that 808s are basically a hobby unto themselves with usability varying wildly from very basic to bricked out of the box…

(Thread here)

I’d either spring for a GoPro (maybe a used and very basic one) or the Estes Universal Astrocam I PMed you. An old, mostly disused smartphone may work as well.