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Feb 7, 2011
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I was at my local Hobby Lobby today and found two airbrushes on super sale. They are made by "Sparmax". "Sparmax" makes some good compressors and a couple of airbrushes.

The first one is a pencil type, dual action, .035" tip, with fixed paint cup. The list price was $114.99 on sale for $24.83! Yes, $24.83.

The second one is a grip type, dual action, .050" tip, with two side feed cups. The list price was $179.99 on sale for $38.87! $38.87.

Both were new in the box, never been opened, still sealed. Cost for both with tax was $60.00. carries "Sparmax" compressors and airbrushes.
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Aug 9, 2013
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I'm about to need one soon, as I plan on some fun experiments with aerosolized super-thin cyanoacrylate, which is yet another word that spell check wishes the common people would forget about.
It hates the word "Igniter" too, even if I use an O instead of E in the last Syllable.
Certain words, even when added to dictionary, like the ones I mention are continuously discouraged.
That shows a pattern.
I don't need Spellcheck's approval to engage in experiments, and will be more inclined to engage in those that it pretends to not recognize.
As a matter of fact, I have begun to use this to my advantage, by seeing what kinds of crazy things I can type that it says are not valid.
There's no real method to it, but when I make what I think was a typographical error, and Spell Check tries to make me feel like I'm a idiot, I research the ever living #$%^ out of the word, encountering all of it's spellings and representations in different languages and fonts and characteristic representations.
The links are saved to a folder, in a folder of things that spell check does not want me to learn, or wants me to forget that I already know.
I would disable Spell Check, but my typing skills suck in the first place, and I need the reason to pay attention to anything I do with my hands, so it also catches and highlight some of my actual mistakes.