Need a little help- any Paintballers out here!

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Jan 18, 2009
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I'm looking for a little help determining the diameter and weight on whatever is the standard size paint ball. I know I read somewhere some of you guy's do or did Paintball. anyone have some that might be measured and wieghed?

Yes; I know this is a bit strange but HA! its the micromister...
I'm looking for a fragile "eggish" type payload to sub for the standard Grade A large hen's egg in 1/8A micor "eggloft". I already have a jellybean lofter but Jellybeans while having the correct shape and will work within the weight constraints.. takes away the "astronaut saftery" part of the competition. If anyone has other easily available "eggish" type items that could be used I'd love to hear about it:)

Heres the Micro-Maxx Jellybean lofter:D
Hey. For some reason I want to say .68 inches... I was into paintball for a while when I was small, that seems almost correct. Try a quick search on google or something.
Wow, I can't believe I remember that... It's been atleast 4 years since I was into paintball.
Yeow! .68" that might be on the large size. maybe not if they aren't to heavy... maybe a 18mm styrene cone and a BT-20 to .281" shroud might work??? Humm..any idea on the weight?
Have you ever blown a bubble with a piece of chewing gum, pinched down on the gum with your teeth, and removed the bubble intact? They are quite fragile and will hold their shape for several hours....

( :p )
Wow, what a coincidence, I just came here from, and when I saw this thread, I immediately think, huh, did I just enter the paintball forums by accident? Anyways, the average is .68, but they go anywhere from .673 to .695. Generally, the cheaper, the bigger. Also, the more expensive ones are more fragile.
I would say that the more fragile, the better...especially for MMX "egg"lofting. Look at it this buy a box of 1000 paintballs, you'll have enough to last you almost forever! Heck, you could buy a lot and re-sell them in packs of 10 or 20 and make a quick buck or two if this catched on!

Egg lofting?...How big is a quail egg? I remember my cousin raising quail and you can get eggs over the net.
To bad you can't use sparrow eggs. I have several bird boxes in my yard and try to attract Blue Birds, Tree Swallows or Chickadees. The sparrows try to take over. I have to clean out their stuff every now and then and once found an egg in the box. Those are small!
I was wondering the same thing..."Hmmm, put this egg into a rocket....."
if anyone ever watched that show... ermm... junkyard wars maybe? they did something where they made egg lofters and used... uhh... whats that bird that makes the huge eggs?
Originally posted by rabidsheeep
if anyone ever watched that show... ermm... junkyard wars maybe? they did something where they made egg lofters and used... uhh... whats that bird that makes the huge eggs?

Standard paintballs are .68 cal or .68 inch diameter, however there are also .40 cal paintballs used primarily in blowguns. I hve seen .50 cal paintballs too, and have heard about .25 cal being used in some games. The .40 cal are a little harder than the .68 cal, and I'm told the .25 cal are almost like pellets, though they do break.

Good stuff jetra2 Thanks. Mtmind I'll see if I can find some of the 50gal stuff later..
For now I went around the local places and came up with 8 balls from 3 different sources, the calipers showed me .68" on all but one, which was .678"dia. it was one that had been rolling around in the owners trunk for a year or so. that same ball was also .1gram lighter at 3.1grams.. the other 7 balls weighted in a 3.2grams.
digging though my 2 piece styrene nose cones Pratt hobbies long 18mm cone pass the .68" ball very nicely and the shoulder can be taped in place to complete the compartment.
All these paintballs are pretty tough to break. What is an "expensive" paint ball?
I'm thinking a tapered shroud to .281" motormount/fin can will be a very eye pleaseing and elegant lofting model. along the lines of this 1/8A TaperPaper S/D model I tested Thrusday. very nice flight:)