NCR Phantom 4000 fin dimensions

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Jan 25, 2009
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Hi all,

I'm in a little bind...<gulp>. I'm at Eugene's house right now and we're about to cut a buncha parts. I want to cut a new set of fins for my NCR Phantom 4000 that I'm going to be rebuilding with a single 29mm mount and dual 24's, since I love clusters. I didn't realize until about 2 minutes ago that I would be wanting fins, but I left the fin for my pattern at home. :rolleyes: If anyone has a Rocksim file in v5 for the Phantom 4000 or one built that you can measure the fins on, that would be great! I'd need a root chord, tip chord, span length, and all that good stuff!

Thanks a bunch,
I love the Phantom! Great flier on G-H motors, I would love to try mine on an I200W eventually!

Here's a Rocksim file
I had one years ago that I flew on an F10-2, which was actually recommended in their catalog. It flew on a slow, arched trajectory & the chute came out about 6 feet above the ground. I liked the kit but I thought it was a bit over priced.
Thanks Dan! That was a great help! BTW, on a G64-7 and two D12-7's, she gets to about 1400 feet! Not bad for a motor that equals out to a G88-7 with a grand total of 154n-s of total impulse and a burn time of 1.8 seconds! I am so waiting to try this rocket out with a G80 and two E9's! Maybe when I feel daring enough, I'll put her up on a F50 and two E30's! That'll be pretty, not to mention LOUD! Do they make igniter wires that are small enough to fit in the E30 nozzle? Cuz on that flight I'd so be using my own dipped Magnelites! I've had instant ON ignition with BT's and most WL's with those!

BTW, here's a picture of the rings that me and Eugene cut yesterday! Drool... :p

And now here's a close up pic of one of the rings!

I love the Phantom 4000! It's like a HPR Alpha. I am going to use one with a 29mm MMT to make my L1 jump this spring. I have another one still in kit form so let me know if you want scans of any of the original rings, fins, instructions, or anything.
It would be very cool to have a copy of the instructions. My copy got lost in the mess of building and finishing - it probably got thrown out :(. If you could, PM me and I'll give you my address or something so you could send them to me!