NCR Eliminator/PML Callisto 38mm

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Jan 19, 2010
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I have a nicely built, flown once on an H242 North Coast Eliminator, picture attached. I scrapped the Estes Motor Mount and went with a 38mm mount, no special hardware to hold in motor, screws or clips off the bottom wood bulkhead works fine.
3" diameter, thick nylon shock cord, no parachute.
Eliminator Specs are 45" Length; 2.7 inch Diameter, 21oz weight

A PML stock built Callisto, also flown on H242. Has a ding in the tube I started to fill/sand with Elmer's wood filler and a ding at top of tube nothing serious.
If bought together I can include the 38 to 29mm adapter also shown for G flights. Again with nylon shock cord, no parachute.

Eliminator/Callisto/Adapter $60
Callisto Specs 45.5 Length, 2.1 diameter, 25ozs.
Local here in Boise Idaho area ok for pickup if wanted.
No idea on shipping so appreciate any thoughts on the cost for that. Thanks!



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